Party Hire

Showtime Entertainment and Promotions - Alice Springs

Rock City Music operates its amusements through sister company Showtime Entertainment and Promotions - Alice Springs. We have provided safe and professional amusement equipment for many organisations, schools and events for the Northern Territory community for many years.

Catering for fetes, fairs, festivals, parties, carnivals and corporate functions with our professional and reliable service.

All attractions come complete with professional staff who erect and operate the equipment. We offer hire or a percentage of the takings. We also have full public liability insurance and all workers are required to have an ochre card.

We have Mini, Maxi and Large Jumping Castles, Inflatable Slides and Water-Slides, Gladiator Duel, Bouncy Boxing, Bungee Run, Velcro Wall, Croc City Revenge Barrel, Sumo Suits, Childrens Super Hero Wrestling, Chair-O-Planes, Merry-Go-Rounds, Cup and Saucer Ride, Mechanical Surfboard, Mechanical Bull, Fairy Floss, Popcorn, Sno Cones, Soft Serve, Laughing Clowns, DJ Hire, Jukebox Hire, Karaoke Jukebox, Karaoke Machines, Portable PA Systems, Sound and Lighting.

Mini  Castles

Mini Jumbo Jumping Castle

Perfect jumping castle hire for small backyards & little kids who just want to bounce and jump! The open front on this jumping castle means you easily keep an eye on the little ones whilst letting them explore. The inflatable front barrier keeps them safe and the inflatable walls gives the ultimate safety.  3.3m X 4.1m  (11ft x 13.5ft Approx)



Our open front "Princess Castle". Limited space is no problem! This open front jumping castle is only 4m x 4m  and will fit in most backyards. This jumping castle is great for kids 10 and under.


Our ever-popular "Dino Castle"

Maxi Castles

"King and Queen" Open Maxi Castle


Our "Magic Castle" is a beautiful castle with fabulous graphics. Very safe entry open castle.


Our latest edition to our Maxi Range is the beautiful castle from England "Fantastique".  With a size of 12' x 15' it is a perfect castle for a birthday party and looks amazing. It has extra safety features and being an open castle, you can watch your young ones enjoying themselves.



Another great addition to our Midi Range is our "Camelot Fantastique" castle.  This castle comes from England and is 12 ft x 15ft.  Ideal for the boys with fabulous artwork and a great bounce.   





Enclosed Castles

Our Medium size "Carousel Castle" is fully enclosed and is fun for all.  An unusual circular castle which is safe.


Having a Disney party? Then why not try our "Mickey Park" castle? A medium size jumper  (3.76m x 4.07m x 3.87m Height)


We Also have our new "SpongeBob Castle" - everyone loves spongebob!!!


Or maybe you are having a Dora Party then our "Dora & Diego Castle" will add excitement to the party.  (3.76m x 4.07m x 3.87m Height)


Our "Wonderful World Of Disney" Medium Castle features Tigger,101 Dalmatians, Aladdin, Dumbo, Hercules, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Mickey Mouse, Mini Mouse, and the Disney Princesses.  Whilst the kids go an imaginary adventure, you can still watch over them, through the surrounding protective mesh. 


We also have "Finding Nemo"  enclosed Jumping Castle


Our "LATEST ADDITION" to our medium castle range is our "Frozen" castle.  Ideal for children 8 years and under and comes complete with a slide.  What child wouldn't like this beautifully printed castle at their next party.



Combo Castles

The C4 Modules are great fun with a large jumping area and slide . ( Space required  6m x 7m x 5m in height )  With a great combination of jumping areas, climbing space and a slide, these Jumping Castles are some of the most sought after party inflatables.

Our  'Wild West' Combination Castle

We even have a "Christmas Castle" for the festive season!!!  Complete with slide/basketball hoop and bounce.





Our "It's a Girl Thing"  Combo Castle - perfect for that special "girlie" party




And the new one for the boys - Our "Motorsports" Combo








Your children will feel like "ROCK STARS" , bouncing around on this fabulous new castle. The bright design is perfect for girls and boys alike. This castle also has the protective safety feature you need to keep your little one from injuring themselves.  It has basketball hoop and slide! 



The exciting new tale of Toy Story can be re-imagined in this all-inclusive " TOY STORY 3 COMBO C4" bouncy house. This interactive bouncy house features the classic Toy Story characters, from Buzz and Woody to Rex and Hamm. Participants will spend hours jumping, sliding and exploring their own Toy Story playroom.



Our beautiful "Princess Carriage" for your little princess.  This is a unique bouncer and has the added attraction of a slide to exit.



"DISCO DOME BOUNCE"   This is one inflatable that not only do you jump but lights and sound make it fun for everyone.  Have your own disco party whilst bouncing with your friends!



Large Castles  - (The Big Ones!!!)

Our "Silly Donkey"  is popular at school fetes, organised parties and corporate events.  (25ft x 25ft).   With inflated walls and a great bounce, this castle is ever popular with all the children and teenagers.


And our Classic "Camelot Castle"  always brings a huge crowd.



The fabulous super-fast "Magic Carpet Slide" is always popular at Major Events.



You asked for Disney themed inflatables and we listened!!  "CARS DOUBLE LANE SLIDE" The sheer size draws crowds and increases traffic to your event. Imagine the kids climbing up underneath a huge 3-D Lightning McQueen Car with Mader on top waiting to watch the kids slide down our zippy dual lane slide!  Size - 27′L x 20′ W x 22′ H



Our double-lane "Big Wave Waterslide" is perfect for those hot days.


"TIKI FALLS" - This is a wet or dry backyard slide.  If you use it as a wet waterslide, it comes with a detachable pool.  Great for those hot summer days.

8.84m (L) x 4.07m (W) x 5.64m (H)       or   29ft (L) x 13ft (W) x 19ft (H)



Interactive Inflatables

Our "Bungee Run" -You compete against another person in the next lane and try to go as far down the run as you can and attach a Velcro marker in the middle.
The one who goes the furthest to the end wins. When the Bungee cord retracts it will slingshot you back to the start and if you jump when you cannot go any further down the run it will have you flying backwards to a safe landing on the inflatable bungee. This a very competitive game and is fantastic for corporate events and team building. 


Our "Velcro Fly Wall" -

is great fun and team building helping each other off the wall, see who can get the highest up the wall or upside down. Lots of laughs with this one


Our "Croc City Revenge Barrel"

The only one in Australia built purposely for us.  A large foam barrel sits in the middle of an inflatable complete with crocodiles.  See who can get the other one off the rolling barrel.


Our "Gladiator Duel"

This inflatable interactive game turns amateur jousters into rock stars! Players enter the arena and climb onto the raised centre pedestal for a jousting match. There is just enough room on top the pedestal so that players will have to both rock and roll to maintain their balance. A contestant wins when he or she has defeated the opponent and claims the pedestal.


Our "Bouncy Boxing"

The Bouncy Boxing is a fun filled game where each player steps into the inflatable boxing ring and are given a set of oversized foam filled boxing gloves. The objective of the game is to see which bouncy boxer can stay on his/her feet the longest. They will be declared the bouncy boxing winner. The bouncy boxing is a great competitive game and has been the icing on the cake of many bucks parties, sporting presentation days and corporate team challenges.



This fun interactive game is great for the corporate, teen or adult party. Similar to the popular Inflatable Joust, opponents battle to knock off the head unit that is attached above their helmet. With the knock off your head suit on it appears to onlookers that the head has been "knocked off"



Now this is one really fun attraction!  The rider sits on their inflatable pony and have to get out of the stalls and race to the end as they bounce on their pony.  Heaps of thrills and spills and so funny to watch as they seem to go everywhere.  We have 12 inflatable ponies - small, medium and large, so everyone can give this a go.  And they're racing!!!!!


 Water Games


"Surf the Wave 2" - Duel Lane Waterslide

Race your mates, beat the greats while having fun in the sun with this fantastic
dual lane slip and slide!  The kids will talk about this ride for weeks.

Length:  10m  Width:    4m   Height:  3m


The newly patent pending Soak 'n' Wet is great for backyard fun and fundraisers. Hit the target and watch your friend get literally Soak 'n' Wet with water!



Lots of soaking fun with this winner. Soak your boss or teacher or spouse. Great fun for all!  Everyone enjoys watching as they trigger the mechanism to drop the person into the water. For their safety, a tough cage protects the person from any stray balls. Seat resets in seconds ready to try again.   *Filling time is approximately 2 hours with standard 1/2 inch hose. 


Everyone loves our water balloon wars rental! Battle it out from two stations. This combines the best of both worlds. A huge bounce and water balloons. Forget about the old school way of throwing water balloons. Because there are two water balloon slingshots on ether ends of the bounce, battle it out out with friend or foe. This summer time party rental will surely be the coolest inflatable you have ever seen!


"HYDROBLASTER"  (4 Person)

This is the re-invention of a much more fun and user friendly dunk-tank experience type of game. Kids will not able to get away from this game! The way it functions is with water balloons and an air-pump connected to a standing/over-hanging metal chamber. It is extremely easy to set up. All it requires is a live water feed to connect to the valve pre-built on the game and regular party balloons. Kids will compete as they’re crouched underneath the over-hanging balloon chamber to race against their opponent and pump as quickly as they can to inflate to the water filled balloon that’s hanging and expanding above their opponents head. 


Balloon Typhoons

Ultra light, ultra bright and ultra safe! The children step inside the Balloon Typhoon into a whirlwind of flying balloons...and the fun begins! 

Sumo Suits

Our "Super-Hero Children's Suits" - 

A popular cousin of the Sumo Wrestling Suits, the Kids Super-Hero suits are all about dominance. Slip on the easy to get into suits of your personal favourite Super-Hero and battle your opponent out of the ring


Our "Adult Sumo Suits" -

You can't beat the hilarious wobbly sumo suits. Slip on a suit & attitude to try to push your opponent out of the ring to win. Our suits are the easy jump in jump out style. No messy blow up sweaty costumes. Just great, fast fun. Don't forget the film for your camera; you'll be laughing for weeks.

Mechanical  Rides

Our Mechanical Surfboard  - "WIPEOUT"

The big hit of any summer party is the fun that can be had on our mechanical surfboard.  The surf machine is themed with palm trees and beach colours and will integrate seamlessly into your next party. Ideal as the main attraction or item within a large array of games, the mechanical surfboard lets you ride the wave then wipe out on the inflatable beach


Our "BIG WAVE" Mechanical Surfboard will impress!!!  Space required 6m x 6m x 4m high
2 x power outlets


Our "Mechanical Bull"

The rodeo riders love our mechanical bull. The best bull in the Galaxy - no bull. Australia's most advanced electronic controls ensure a great fun ride. Includes large electronic time clock for accurate scoring. Get bucked and land on the inflatable rodeo pit.


Our "Mechanical Hammerhead Shark"

Our latest addition to our bull range and this one is surely different!  A nine foot hammerhead shark!!!!  Dare you ride.


Our Awesome latest "Mechanical Snowboard" Ride

Our latest "Mechanical Skateboard"


Ride the "Mechanical Harley"  This latest ride from America is not to throw you off like our bull but to give you the feeling of riding through those winding hills, feeling the wind in your face and simply enjoying the ride.  Good for all ages!





Just when you thought you have seen everything..... "Mechanical Football"
A must have for any football party, sporting presentation day or sporting party is the mechanical football. The football boots, bombs, spins and rolls around on the mechanical motor to try... and throw you off. As you hop onto the football it starts off in spinning mode and shortly builds up to full speed where only the fittest and most agile players will be able to stay on. It also includes the time clock for competition mode.

Amusement Rides

Our "Cup and Saucer Ride"

Ever experienced the joy and spectacle of the wonderful rides at Disney world? Then you will know how much fun the whole family will have on our Cup & Saucer.

The Tea Cups "put the world in a spin" when we first imported this UK classic, back in the 1990's. Since then, it has reached legendary status, becoming a "must" at every fete, fair or fun day.

This could be just your cup of tea, with the whole family being the main ingredients of the whirling, twirling attraction.

The ride comes with 6 "Cups" - each seating 4 passengers. As the main platform turns, an operator individually spins each cup in the opposite direction; gently for the Mums, Dads and toddlers; or "max spins" for those junior thrill-seekers, who like their rides with "attitude".


Our Ferrari Fold-Up "Chair-O-Plane

Our chair-o-plane carnival ride is great for all events.  Children sit in suspended chairs while the ride gently whirls them through the air in a fabulous flight of fun. 



 Fly through the air on our "WINDRUSH" - Equipped with 10 swing seats able to hold up to 30 chidren /20 adults, everyone can enjoy a ride as the swings go up and around!  A great ride at any type of event!



Laughing Clowns

Who does not love the fun of the laughing clowns. Place a ping-pong ball in the mouth of the clown and see if you have a winning score and claim a prize.  A game of skill yet fun for the young and young at heart.


MIni Golf Course

Who doesn't love mini golf?   Our nine hole course is so much fun and great for the whole family!   Great to practise your putting skills and we have golf clubs for all ages.  We give you a scorecard, pencil, golf club and ball and you are on your way to fame.


Carnival Food


For that big event, We do have a food van that can compliment our rides and games.  Our  van has Fairy Floss, Sno-Cones, Popcorn, Pancakes, Soft Serve, Coffee and Ice Cold Drinks.

Fairy Floss




Fairy Floss/Popcorn Cart





Soft Serve Ice Cream

Air Waver



We also have

  • DJ and Discotheque Equipment
  • Jukebox Hire
  • Videoke Jukebox Hire
  • Karaoke Systems
  • PA Hire
  • Lighting Hire
  • Smoke Machines
  • Bubble Machines
  • Generators