"VINTAGE" is Alice's Band to party with.

Playing the classics like Hound Dog, Rock Around The Clock, Creedence and Aussie Rock, the band comes complete with their own sound and lighting.

Band hire can be one of the most important choices that you make when planning your function. If you hire a band that is unsuited to the style of function, then that is the most prominent thing that a person will remember. If you hire a suitable band, then your guests will remember the night in a whole different light.

Things to take into consideration when looking into band hire for your event include:

Age group?
Most functions have an expansive age group from teenagers right through, however you need to consider what age the majority of your guests are.

Musical taste?
Just because hip hop is your favourite style of music, doesn’t mean it’s everyone’s! It’s important that when you hire a band you take into consideration your guests music tastes as well as your own.

Are your guests dancers?
When you hire a band, you need to consider whether the hired band is definitely going to be required to get people up and dancing or not. For some functions it is just not suitable to hire a party band that is trying to get people on the dance floor. Sometimes the band hired needs to be the type of band that provides atmospheric, background music for the ears, not for the feet.

How many guests are you expecting?
You need to know how many guests you are catering for roughly. This will ensure the band you hire has enough production (lighting, PA, etc) to cover the room.

REMEMBER - "VINTAGE" - The Band To Celebrate With.